Background / How I Work

My work is strengths-based and holistic in that I help my clients to galvanize the full range of their innate resources, resilience, and receptivity as well as their external support systems in order to address the relational and emotional struggles that led them to seek help. I offer my clients a place to resolve past and current emotional injuries, explore and transform behavioral and relational patterns, and practice new ways of relating to themselves and others in the safety of a warm, empathic, and trusting relationship. Session by session, my clients become increasingly confident and comfortable with their authentic selves, their struggles and their successes, developing a sense of themselves as the heroes of their own story.

These complex processes arise in the context of relaxed and conversational sessions where room is made for heart to heart talk, warm feedback, discovery, and humor. When appropriate, I incorporate structured exercises to teach skills for better communication, deep relaxation, and processing difficult events. When useful, I draw from my own experience as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and former dancer/actress/waitress/teacher. Before transitioning into private practice, I spent seven rich and rewarding years working in community mental health settings, where I provided therapeutic services to clients with histories of trauma, neglect, abuse, and severe attachment injuries. I truly love this work, and have great affection and respect for the people whom I am privileged to serve.

Degrees and Titles

M.S.W., New York University

B.F.A., New York University

Seneca Center – Intensive Treatment Foster Care Clinician

Seneca Center – Multisystemic Therapist

Forensic Health Services – Head clinician on Special Support Unit

Forensic Health Services – Degree program internship

Postgraduate Center for Mental Health – Degree program internship


Bay Area Family Institute of Training